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Testimonials & Success Stories

"Best singles events in Sydney without a doubt. Very well organised and always a memorable experience with friendly wonderful hosts. The ability to match after the event through their online platform is also an excellent idea."

Kamil - Singles Party

"Classy, fun, quality event and venue, definitely the best singles interaction I have ever been a part of, especially compared with online dating."

Donna - Singles Party

"Really satisfied with the events, it was my first time and I was really nervous but the organisers provided clear instructions and reassurance. The event went smoothly. This is the best way to meet people, forget online dating!"


Andrea - Speed Dating

"Beautiful venues, good food, lots of fun talking to many interesting people, great format and very professional organisers. 100% recommended."

Martin - Speed Dating

"I attended the Christmas party at The Argyle for the first time, the venue was great, and the event was well prepared. Had a great icebreaker as well. Would definitely attend more events!!"

Melanie - Singles Party

"Safe, enjoyable evening with opportunity to meet other singles. The magician was fantastic. This is a well run organisation." 


Babara - Singles Party

"This was my first event, but the organisers were very friendly as were the people who attended. It was great to meet some new people and had a fun night."

Bianca - Singles Party

"Good venues, well presented, good vibe and good App. Great environment and good crew. The Neutral Bay venue was awesome and so was Argyle Hotel. I'd go there again. Thank you."

George - Singles Party

"I had a fantastic night; Encounter staff were very helpful and approachable."

Albert - Singles Party

"I thoroughly enjoyed the event. A great social function for singles to meet in a great social and relaxed atmosphere. Many thanks to the organisers. The matching platform is also great."

Robert - Singles Party

"I would like to thank Encounter Dating for a great night. Not only did I have a chance to meet new people, I met a lovely girl on the evening. We have since been seeing each other and it has been amazing. This would not have been possible without the great people at Encounter Dating! Thank you so very much."

Mathew - Singles Party

"Excellent service the hosts are great. I recently went to a single party and had an amazing time definitely recommend this event for future."

Sam - Singles Party

"Thank you guys! I'm currently seeing someone quite successfully from a previous event of yours."

Nick - Singles Party

"Just wanted to thank the team at Encounter Dating. You are first and foremost great hosts and offer a unique setting where singles can interact in an open environment free of bells ringing and moving from one table to another. There are also some really great prizes up for grabs. Please hold more events!"

Saf - Singles Party

"I went to an Encounter Dating trivia night and had never been speed dating or anything of the sorts but was keen for something more genuine and natural than an app- had so much fun and met some really lovely people! Everything was super well-organised to encourage conversation and make everyone feel at ease, and the hosts were fantastic! Definitely recommend both men and women give it a go, you won't regret it :)"

Melissa - Speed Dating Trivia

"Great night of fun! Went to Trivia Speed Dating at the Crows Nest hotel. People from all backgrounds and good mix of age. Great way to meet new people. Will go again!"

Dana - Speed Dating Trivia

"I was very happy with my experience with Encounter Dating. Very well organised and it was pleasant to see so many kind people. I love how they arrange their events so they are always fun and make you feel relaxed."

Natalia - Friday Night Drinks

"Recently I attended an Encounter singles night for over 40’s at the Oaks Hotel. I’d never been to a singles night before and was a little apprehensive at first. However I was soon at ease, being greeted very warmly by the hosts. The venue was very suitable, with a section dedicated to the event whilst immediately accessible to the rest of the hotel. This made it feel just like a drink at a bar rather than a singles night. I will certainly be attending the next venue and would highly recommend Encounter to other singles."

Scott - Singles Party

"Attended an event north shore at The Oaks Hotel, well facilitated and fun evening."

Paul - Singles Party

"I had a fun night and everyone was really friendly. Very nicely organised event and would certainly go again."

Lauren - Friday Night Drinks

"The event and the venue were good! I personally liked it a lot better than speed dating (more relaxed, talk to whoever you want) Thanks for organising."

Richard - Friday Night Drinks

"I went to an Encounter Dating Singles Mixer event. As it was the first singles event I had been to I was a bit nervous, but the hosts made me feel really welcome. The event itself was really well organised and I ended up having a fun night and met some interesting people. Would be very happy to attend another event organised by these guys."

Nic - Friday Night Drinks

"I want to share my story of success. I attended the Encounter Dating launch party at the Greenwood Hotel. I met Justin there. We are now happily engaged and living together with our respective children. At the time we were both single parents, disillusioned with the online dating world. We were both familiar with the Greenwood. We instantly connected and have been inseparable since. We are very grateful for to Encounter Dating for bringing us together."

Desiree - Singles Party

"It was a great event, probably the best singles event I've been to! Thanks for organising, I'll keep an eye out for future events if still single."

Matt - Singles Party

"Thanks to one of your past events in Bondi, I now have a girlfriend! I'm very excited and thankful to you both for bringing us together :)"

Michael - Speed Dating

"I had a great time. Angela was a great guide and the kayaking allowed a lot of opportunity for everyone to interact. The stop on the beach was perfect, some of us went for a swim and then we enjoyed our morning tea. Swapping partners was also good as you got to chat a bit more to someone different although the group stay pretty close together so it's easy to chat to people in other kayaks. We then all went for lunch together at a local cafe. I would definitely do it again and would highly recommend it to others."

Jessica - Singles Kayaking

"The night was great! Definitely a different and creative way to meet new people."

Maree - Speed Dating Trivia

"It was great fun! We were lucky with the weather too... it was really well organised and our instructor was good. It was probably just the right amount of time as well and a good activity because it requires teamwork. It helped having the morning tea in the middle. Saturday morning is a good time to host an event as It requires commitment."

Nicole - Singles Kayaking

"It was an awesome party! I really enjoyed it plus all my friends I invited are also giving positive feedback and they are all waiting for the next one!"

Sam - Singles Party

"Thank you – great fun! Well done to your team."

Sheridan - Speed Dating

"Loved it! It was perfect weather for it and met some great people. Look forward to the next event and thanks for organising!"

Jonaline - Singles Kayaking

"I wanted to say thank you as it was really well organised and seemed like there was some great people who came along."

Charlie - Singles Party

"Thank you for putting together such a great event! Had an amazing night! Good times!"

Matthew - Speed Dating

"Had a ball guys thanks for organising! Look forward to the next event."

Xavier - Speed Dating

"Fantastic effort with such a diverse group of people, format was great - had a very fun night."

Angela - Singles Party

"Great location. Stylish. Safe atmosphere. Lovely food. Friendly hosts."

Fiona - Singles Party

"A great venue and atmosphere. Everyone was relaxed and friendly and it was refreshing to see that people were willing to make an effort to have a chat."

Luke - Singles Party

"There was excellent food and it was generous, the games idea of trying to find your partner was a good ice breaker, the location (Nth Sydney) was good for me."

Nicola - Singles Party

"I was totally impressed with the launch of Encounter Dating! It was very well organised, awesome value and attention paid to detail. I was very impressed with txt notification regarding the gluten free options to meet my dietary requirements. I'm looking forward to your up and coming events."​

Jill - Singles Party

"Great night and success in your venture looking forward to more great nights!"

Eric - Singles Party

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