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A new and modern approach to Matchmaking


Let our team of Brisbane Matchmakers help you find the woman or man of your dreams.


Chemistry is something that needs to be felt, and can only happen when you meet someone in person. Our goal is to facilitate introductions and get you face-to-face with potential matches, people you wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet otherwise. 


All of your matches are made and approved by real people, not algorithms which means we will only match you with the most eligible singles that we have hand-picked for you using your dating preferences and of course our matchmaker's intuition.

Only once we have found you a suitable match and you are both excited to meet each other for a date, we charge a matchmaker fee of $65 per person. Our matchmaking service has no joining fees or monthly subscriptions.


All you need to do is complete the Matchmaking Application and we'll take it from there!​​

How It Works


Join For Free

Join for free today. It's easy and only takes a few minutes.


Selecting Your Matches

Our team of matchmakers get to work assessing potential matches and will contact you when a match has been found. 


Your First Date

If you're both excited about meeting each other, you pay the matchmaker fee and we release your basic contact details so you can start planning your first date!

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Can anyone join your Brisbane Matchmaking Service?

No, for a start you must be single and committed to finding someone for a long-term relationship. If we genuinely believe that we can find someone for you then we would love for you to join us.

How much does it cost?

Unlike other Brisbane Dating Agencies that require thousands of dollars upfront, we offer a much more affordable service by letting you pay on a per date basis. Only once we have found you a match and you are both excited to meet each other for a date, we charge a matchmaker fee of $65 per person for our service. There are no upfront payments or other fees.

How is Matchmaking different to Online Dating?

Personal Matchmaking is tailored to you. Forget about algorithms and trying to find your life partner based on appearances alone. Although looking for marriage or a life partner online can be successful, it is also time consuming and hugely unreliable. Unlike some online dating agencies, our Matchmakers hand-select your matches, making sure their values, ideals and interests align to your own.

What age range do you cater for?

Our youngest client so far was in their early 20's and our oldest in their mid 70’s. Age is not the main factor for us in deciding if we think we can help you find a partner. A positive attitude and a desire for a long-term relationship or marriage are far more important than age.

Will I see a photo of my match beforehand?

Photos are not shared beforehand because chemistry and attraction happen in person, not through a photo. Consider us your blind date specialist. This is where you must trust our team of expert Matchmakers. Our focus is on having you meet someone whom you will not only be attracted to but also have a genuine connection with. All your preferences, including physical, are taken into consideration when selecting a match for you. This service is purposely designed to not be like online dating.

Will my profile be made public?

We are not an online dating company which means your profile will not be viewable online for anyone to see.

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